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  • I am going to India in the summer and I find that my hair goes dry and fuzzy in the heat. Do you have any tips on keeping it luscious and manageable?
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  • AFirstly, the dryness is caused by sun exposure, so just like you protect your skin from UV rays the same should be done for your hair. There are plenty of affordable leave-in conditioners available from Boots or your local supermarket that work wonders when sprayed into the hair prior to sun exposure. Just look for one with a UV shield. You may want to try the Weather Works range by John Frieda to tame the frizz. I tested it on a recent trip abroad and it works. The ingredients act to seal locks from the negative effects of any weather condition. Try the Shampoo and Conditioner (£5.49 each), but you could get away with applying just the Humidity Proofing Style Sealant,(£6.49). Simply work a small amount into wet or towel dried hair to ensure your locks stay frizz free. It also contains a UV absorber to protect from the damaging effects of the sun.

  • I have patchy skin and dark spots at the side of my face. i\'ve tried several creams but nothing seems to work. Why have I got these and can you suggest a trusted name that will deliver positive results?
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  • AAsian skin is more sensitive than any other skin type, which means our complexion is more prone to irritation that leads to discolouration. Our skin also contains and produces more melanin (the substance that gives the skin colour) than Caucasian skin. Dr Daniel Maes who is the senior vice president of research and development at Estee Lauders tells me that there are different types of skin discolorations. These are dark surface spots, which can give the skin dull appearance and are caused by clusters of melanin within the cells. The other is stubborn age spots that can be formed by constant irritation (from the sun for example), which damages the skin's structure. Or recent research has discovered that UV light can cause excess production of melanin that sits below the surface of the skin giving it a patchy and discoloured appearance. You could give Estee Lauder's Cyber White Ex range a try. It includes ingredients that boost the natural shedding of darkened skin. A new Melanin Dissolving Technology claims to break down dark spots until they have almost vanished apparently results can be seen in eight weeks. The range is available from Harrods, Knightsbridge and online ( '

  • I have stained toenails from overuse of dark polishes, how can I get rid of the discolouration?
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  • ADiscolouration is usually caused by abnormal nail thickening or from varnish staining. If you don't do so already, using a base coat prior to painting the nails is essential. It acts as a barrier between the nail and polish. Try Butter Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat (£9;, which is excellent for hiding imperfections and gives a smooth surface on which to paint. Scholl's new three-in-one Nail Brightening System (£9.99) is clinically proven to reduce yellowing and to give the nails a brightened, whitened and healthier appearance. It's also a good idea to give the nails a break from polish. Instead, coat them in Scholl Toenail Conditioner (£4.49), which is packed with vitamin B5 to replenish and fortify. For more advice call Scholl's helpline on 0800 074 2040.


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